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(No, this is NOT the original Defelina. For now, please call me Miyu, or if you feel bold, Newfelina? I am the new mun of this account. This account is for YOU, the beautiful person viewing this tumblr. I want you to know the strengths that always were inside of you. )

( hi. Defelina is this terrible person who harassed people, sent messages encouraging suicide, threatened animal cruelty, and wanted her oc to be with a Loki or something like that. She's the rper that nobody wants to become. )


Ah. Well…I hope she doesn’t come back.

Just a clarification, I took the URL of the old defelina.

I have two messages listed but only one shows up. Sorry.

It’s been a while hasn’t it? A lot happened. To start, I fractured my heel when I slipped and twisted my ankle. I’ve been getting into a few fandoms as well. I know about the new alleged defelina URL and will be wary. (I’m near certain it is her but I don’t want to draw the wrong conclusion. I will be more comfortable with the message timestamp, and statcount as the proof. )
I hope everyone is doing well.

defelina has a new url xlittleprinceofasgardx

I’m guessing this is old news?

 I hope this is the only post I make about the 4chan incident.
 Yes, I was online as it was happening. I know that there are some lists, and have seen various links and screencaps (There are a few lists floating around; One is on a different site and the others are on pastebin -At least from what I heard.-) 
 Since I am not on this account often, it is unlikely that I would be affected; I just am not that easily triggered in terms of horror and all that gore stuffs. One of my favorite guilty pleasures is reading Corpse Party…enough said.
 Anyway I hope you all are alright and please keep yourself safe.

hey, newfelina, i saw from a rather reliable source that the /b/ spam is coming for this url and defelina's new url. i figured i should give you a heads up and a warning about it.

 I heard about that. Thank you for the heads up, and for letting me know. I hope you are safe.

 I ask that you all please block and report the new urls that the old defelina is using. It would be most effective to just block her ip address. I will give my love and support to those who need it, and will do my best to help. Just please forgive me if I am not the best at it. I still have struggles with my own anxiety from time to time.

 To that old defelina, this is all I am going to say to you: You have hurt a lot of people, and have done horrific things that you will be accountable for. If you think you can just return, and poof! all of the problems are gone, you’re sadly disillusion. If you are over your childish, and toxic behavior, good for you, but you will have to prove it. If you are not at all changed, don’t even bother. Kindly take yourself out with the rest of the waste.

Signal Boost


Defelina, a user who was known to attack and harass users for smut, over their sexual and gender orientation, among other things is back. For a detailed account of the things she does, please see the post linked here. Warning: the post link contains homophobia and transphobia as well as suicide encouragement triggers. Her harassment caused (to my knowledge) two users to attempt suicide and several others to bring harm to themselves. I know personally three separate users who deleted and stopped RPing on tumblr because of her harassment and have seen dozens of claims of other users doing the same thing. This is something serious, whether you can “handle” it or not. There are other people who cannot and it has caused a lot of damage in the past. 

While in many fandoms, she is currently RPing as Loki under the url unwantedjotunprince, this has been confirmed by another blog HERE as well as my own personal statcounter. So if you need to, I would block the user unwantedjotunprince and be very careful if you choose to continue to RP with her. Defelina was a huge issue with so many people before as you can see in her tag. She has attacked many, many roleplayers and told several to kill themselves often times over things like sexuality and gender identification as you can see HERE and HERE. Her transphobic harassment was so bad for one user that they, before defelina’s blog was deleted and taken by another user defelina, were going to take it to court. She has demonstrated stalking, obsessive and harassing behaviors that have been a nightmare for many of the people she had targeted, including myself when I was harassed by her. I am not going to name the url of my other blog as she has caused be enough grief over my own gender identification and sexuality, but she tried to come back to interact with me on my current blog recently— months after her original blog was taken down— as you can see here, I was unaware it was her at the time, had I known I would not have even answered the ask. Defelina has even gone so far as to hack a user. You can see more of her harassment HERE and HERE. If you check in unwantedjotunprince’s tag, you can see that the RP style is similar, the asks are the same, and there is IP address proof that it is defelina from several other users.There is also this here (trigger warnings include animal abuse and gore, they are not images it is all text, but please be warned it is graphic). Defelina has a lot of trouble discerning IC from OOC and has harassed users for their IC actions and it has caused a lot of people a lot of harm.

Please, please, please stay safe. 



outofchara; Hey guys, listen up. Under usual circumstance, I would just reblog the original post to do with the signal boost, but instead, I’m doing it this way.

I am aware that some of my followers are a mixture of fandom blogs, and despite my rare interactions with OC’s, a lot of them follow me. For the safety of yourselves—especially OC’s, because you guys interact with a range of fandoms—please be on the lookout for a girl, formally known as defelina. I personally haven’t been a victim to her so called games and abuse, but I have experienced and seen the results of what harassment and abuse, both on and off anon can do, and it can be a serious. Usually, I stay out of this stuff, because coming from someone who has been accused of horrible and false things and has had that stigma for a long time, I don’t like to jump on the band-wagon and accuse others of such acts. However, there is a staggering amount of proof that this user has said and done such things to people and that it is sickening. It’s not based of words, there is hard evidence on what she has done. See her tag yourself for proof, as well as visiting the links in the signal boost I have linked below.

Here is the link to the original signal boost post I saw, it has more information on the user, as well as her confirmed new accounts and how to block her and avoid the drama and harassment that none of you deserve. Please, put your safety first and keep your eyes peeled.

 I was honestly terrified to go into my inbox when I logged in. It’s mainly because of the post I saw while browsing through a roleplay confession account. I was terrified of opening up my inbox to find some threats/suicide encouragement. As someone who has struggled with anxiety, depression, and a very harmful self-destructive problem, I was scared to check the inbox. Anon will be turned off just in case. (I don’t now if many people know just how the old defelina has lost this URL). 
 I have been busy with a few personal things including a very fussy chow, and when I am on, it’s mostly on a few rp accounts, or my actual main.