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(No, this is NOT the original Defelina. For now, please call me Miyu, or if you feel bold, Newfelina? I am the new mun of this account. This account is for YOU, the beautiful person viewing this tumblr. I want you to know the strengths that always were inside of you. )

(( I appreciate the kindness but it's a little too late for a lost cause. ))


 You listen, and you listen well sweetheart.
 You aren’t a lost case; far from it. I saw what you had been going through, and you’re going to be alright.  
 Please do me a favor. I want you to look at this post, and do the best you can to make it through the day. Some days will be better than others, but don’t ever think of throwing it all away. The next day, I want you to look at this, rinse and repeat if you will…(I apologize for not having the link to the post I got that from.) 
 Nobody is a “lost cause”, we all have potential, and a chance to better ourselves. It all depends on whether that part is nurtured correctly, or now…


I had a messed up dream with Hans in it…yikes

For some reason I want to write poetry to cheer people up. Or a heartfelt message with the same effect.

If you know someone who is going through a rough time, do not assume someone else will help them.
Sometimes talking to them privately is the best idea. It’s alone time, and away from any of the factors that are affecting them.
We’ve all had less than ideal situations, but sometimes it’s the kindness of a stranger that could make a difference.
A perfect example is a single mother who couldn’t afford to buy much food. A complete stranger helped her, and made sure both mother and child got to eat. It’s those acts of kindness that need to be less rare.

I'd like to thank you for doing this. I have a Loki rp blog and for the longest time she was harassing not only me but one of my rp partners who left because she couldn't take it anymore. I'm sure many people are grateful for you doing this


Hello Loki-mun nonnie,
Words can’t describe how horrible she was, and how much it pains to hear. I want to say it’s good oldfelina was banned, but there’s worry about the one she harassed off the site.
Nobody deserves to be bullied off of the site. Nobody deserves to be abused the way oldfelina abused people.
I can only hope that we can all start healing.

 This is going to be under read more due to mention of sensitive topics. I apologize to all who are on mobile and won’t have the read more work.

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On an unrelated note, how many disney-based roleplay accounts out there don’t mind doing threads with something that disney technically might not have done? (At least I don’t think they did this?) I was inspired by “the princess who was hidden underground” and wanted to have a princess oc based on that (with a few changes to it of coarse…) I literally do not mind crossovers, and all…